4WD Touring Australia 4WD Touring Australia: Beyond
4WD Touring Australia 4WD Touring Australia: Beyond
You're watching 4WD Touring Australia 4WD Touring Australia: Beyond A new year and a new adventure awaits

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4WD Touring Australia: Beyond

Fri 31 Mar 2017

A new year and a new adventure awaits


About The Show

For fans of adventure TV in Australia, the series of 4WD Touring Australia, Beyond, would have to be the most hotly anticipated series since the Crocodile Hunter.

And it’s been more than worth the wait, because Carlisle and friends’ quest around the Australian coast is completely unlike anything yet seen on our televisions.

This is the fringe, where land meets ocean meets sky, where fringe-dwellers in 4WDs make a pilgrimage to remote Stations Of The Cross, where the surf pounds the shore, where men chase crooked and dusty horizons, all for the ultimate reward of riding the ocean.

This is Carlisle’s crusade – to the outback, and to the coastal and surfing meccas of Australia.

Carlisle explains the adventure: “Surfboards on the roof and endless dunes in front of us as we make our way to some far-flung reef break … Joined by some of Australia’s greatest wave-riding folk heroes in tackling the country’s brutally beautiful coastlines and inland tracks.”

Join them over nine episode as they chase the outback sites of surfing lore: from Western Australia’s remote ‘Camp of the Moon’ to the secret and dangerous waves of the Great Australian Bight, and the hidden folds of the NSW North Coast.

Professional surfers, including Marti Paradisis, Ry Craike, Cahill Bell-Warren, Zeb Walsh, Pete Tomlinson, Jeames Young, Kelly Norris and Mitch Parkinson, join Carlisle on each leg of the trip to be the ‘fish in the water’ and then the ‘fish out of water’ in the 4WDs.

Put a ‘reserved’ sign on your favourite lounge because Beyond is completely unique, and completely unmissable!