Bondi Rescue Great White Shark
Bondi Rescue Great White Shark
You're watching Bondi Rescue Great White Shark A huge 3m Great White Shark is seen just off Bondi Beach

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Great White Shark

Sat 26 Jan 2019 in 11 years

A huge 3m Great White Shark is seen just off Bondi Beach


About The Show

The boys and girls in blue are back for another summer, protecting beachgoers at Australia’s most spectacular and unpredictable natural arena. Plunging into its 14th season, there are no signs of Bondi Rescue slowing down. It’s been a long hot summer and as Sydney swells with more and more people every year, the lifeguard’s job gets harder.

This year, there has been a changing of the guard which sees a wealth of experience leave the service, but it’s replaced with equal servings of enthusiasm, energy and optimism. This season the lifeguards will be tested like never before.

One thing is certain; Bondi Rescue Season 14 will be the season of new beginnings