Five Feel-Good MasterChef Moments

Published: 23 July 2018

MasterChef Australia

It's Finals Week! As MasterChef's momentous Season 10 comes to a close, we take a look back at the past few months and all the warm, fuzzy moments that came with it...

You've Got A Friend In Khanh 

Throwback to when Khanh was genuinely excited for Jess’ to-die-for Caramel Porcini Mouse Balls with Fried Enoki in Episode 45. Watching their supportive friendship blossom throughout the season warmed our hearts!

Sashi Making MasterChef History 

We can’t forget Sashi's history-making MasterChef moment when he served up his Lamb and Pea Puree, earning him his second Immunity Pin in Episode 32. The room was bursting with pride when his score was announced, proving that even though the competition can get stressful, the contestants still know how to bring the positive vibes.

George Lends A Shoulder To Cry On 

No one likes to see Jess cry! In Episode 50, George demonstrated that when it comes to a good plate of food from the contestants, the judges just want them to do the best they can. George's pep talk gave Jess the pick-me-up she needed to finish the dish. 

Ben Proves He's An All Round Top Bloke 

Ben achieved something that many can only dream of - surprising Gordon Ramsay. In Gordon's Pressure Test, Ben didn't let the idea of elimination stop him from making sure everyone cooked to the best of their abilities - even if it meant losing his lead in the cook. It didn't just impress Gordon, Ben did us all proud!

Sharing Is Caring  

What a joy to see such a beautiful but simple moment of camaraderie between Ben and Brendan. During Episode 40, Ben needed to borrow some ingredients off Brendan and was so thankful when he more than happily shared… what a great guy!