7 Reasons You Need To Watch Sonya's Death

Published: 04 March 2019

Neighbours Goodbye Sonya
Neighbours Goodbye Sonya
You're watching Neighbours Goodbye Sonya From alcoholic to mayor, Eve Morey and Morgan Baker chat about Eve's time on Neighbours as Sonya Rebecchi

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Neighbours’ Sonya takes her last breath in Toadie’s arms. Here’s why you shouldn't miss it

Neighbours' Sonya arrives in Erinsborough

Because she’s a beloved character that’s been with the show for 10 years.

Neighbours opening credits

Because this is a unique episode, a two-hander between Ryan and Eve. It doesn’t even have the normal opening credits. That’s how special it is.

Neighbours ryan moloney and eve morey performing one of their last scenes together
The acting is incredible. While Ryan really nails the absolute terror and sadness Toadie feels about his wife’s imminent death, Eve delivers a moving performance of a young woman whose life is slipping away and who must prepare her husband to go on without her, while coming to terms with what may or may not await her after death.

Neighbours' Sonya and Toadie watch their kids play on the beach just moments before sonya dies

It’s a beautiful conclusion to one of the best storylines in ages. As far as last moments go, this has to be in the top five death goals.

Neighbours' Chloe lies in bed with a woman

Sonya’s death will have far-reaching implications for other characters. Let’s just start with Mark, that guy never deals with anything very well. And if Mark’s not dealing well, Elly won’t either.

Neighbours' Helen Daniels dies in her sleep

In terms of memorable Neighbours deaths, Sonya’s has to be right up there with Madge, Drew, Dee (if she’s really dead), Stingray, Helen Daniels!!! (sniff) … may they all rest in soap operatic peace.

Sophia petrillo from the golden girls

This episode is the kind of thing that will remind you that life is short and you should ring your Nanna.

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