Why We're Strangely Hot For Leo And Terese To Get Together

Published: 13 August 2018

Neighbours, article, 2018

Leo has finally revealed to Terese that he has feelings for her. Of all the women to go for he picks his colleague, his mentor… the same woman his dad loves! It shouldn’t work, but it does. Here’s why we’re team Teo

Neighbours, marquee, 2018

Age is just a number

Cue Terese. A strong, middle-aged mother and successful businesswoman who’s been through the absolute wringer when it comes to marrying or dating people her own age.  

Maybe she needs to ditch the men of her generation. Get a younger lad who’s not only able to keep up with her hectic lifestyle, but show her a modern-man trick or two. Things like support, compassion, vulnerability and emotional intelligence.

Who better than dreamboat Leo to tick all those boxes? Besides, who doesn’t love an unconventional love story? If Hollywood can make it work, so can Erinsborough.

neighbours, article, 2018

Leo doesn’t come with (much) baggage

Ex con-artist? Fraudster? Children with multiple women? Not in Leo’s bio. 

He may have tried to be dodgy in his younger days, but he sucked at it. Other than a few quick flings, his romantic record is fairly clean. And now that he’s found his dad, he shouldn’t have too many daddy issues.

Phew. The woman has enough on her plate!

Neighbours, marquee, 2018

He’s a much nicer version of Paul

Both Leo and Paul are career-driven with a keen eye for business, but that’s about as far as their similarities go. Thankfully, the manipulative Robinson gene which has made Paul a bit of a jerk, hasn’t affected Leo.

Along with being totally easy on the eye (which is just a bonus, really), Leo’s a supportive brother and friend, very charming (in a non-threatening way), and sentimental AF. That video he made of Terese’s son Josh! Who didn’t cry?

(Paul didn’t).

Neighbours, marquee, 2018

On the other hand, Leo also knows how and when to toughen up. Like when he stood up to the bloke who was blackmailing his ex with nudes. Strong, yet sensitive. (Swoon).

 neighbours, article, 2018

Great chemistry

When they’re not all ‘Lassiters this’ and ‘Waterhole that’, Leo sure knows how to unearth Terese’s youthful, wild side. Who can forget their flirt sesh in the iconic Melbourne laneway? The conversation was flowing, sparks were flying, and surprisingly they realised they had more in common than just business.

It’s written in the stars, guys. It’s written in the stars.

Neighbours, article, 2018

Who doesn’t love a cheeky workplace romance?

Steamy sessions in the Lassiters sauna, sneaky hook-ups in unbooked hotel rooms while trying not to get caught… Now that’s television we’re committed to watching.

So, will Terese let Leo taste the pineapple? (Seriously, worst analogy ever).

Will they be Ramsay St’s next power couple?

One thing’s for sure - Paul’s face when he finds out? We cannot WAIT to see that! 

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